30 June 2007

Farewell, Studio 60

This print ad supposedly came out of a daily. It was from Studio60 fans. The show ended the other night, after 1 Season and 22 Episodes.

What can I say? What kind of a show has Studio60 been? Preachy? You betcha. Brilliant? Towards the end...not really. But it definitely wasn't a crap fest either. It is significantly good, reliable TV still...

And they all lived happily ever after....
  • Jordan and Danny are gonna be parents to Becky Tripp
  • Matt and Harriet are dating again...and they will probably break up again, Matt's words haha
  • Tom's brother is rescued....the show will be rescued. Come fictional Studio 60 Monday, they will all work harder to pull the show's ratings up. Good sign. At least their show within the show lives.
I wasn't satisfied with the way it ended, granted they've wrapped up the stories and gave the characters closure. But for Studio60, this last episode is not going to be memorable. Not their fault, I guess. When a show is forced to wrap up, you give what you can and you take what you can get.

I fell in love with this show the first time it aired.

Now I will miss it.