27 January 2007


Did variations to my template, thank god for boy's day/night out, I had all the time to spend on this.... my boys are doing their thing! Yey!

I finally understand a bit of this widget thingie. I added a Movie Count list to the right sidebar. I wanna keep count of what new movies I've seen this year, coz I haven't been seeing a lot in the last two years.

I need to change my header now because it looks off and aesthetically unbalanced. But that will be for another day.

I'm still unsure about the colors.



Some TV News:

ETC 2nd Ave on cable is bringing these shows --- The New Adventures of Old Christine & Men in Trees. Teasers have supposedly already started airing. Too bad our cable does not carry this channel. :( And I already deleted my MiT file, needed the space. I thought I didn't want to watch it at that time because I was distracted when I saw the first episode, I didn't give it a chance. Guess I'll have to D/L it again. I have not seen any episode of Christine. I keep reading it's good. There's two seasons (?) of catching up I need to do if ever. *sigh*

Survivor Fiji Castaways have been announced. It's going to air on Crime/Suspense (I wonder why?). As I've been a regular of this channel lately, who knows, I might get back on the Survivor train again...

That's it.

Off to watch I.C.E. and KoP now...