31 January 2007

Marketing Programs (NBC)

This week, we see NBC shows marketing their programs across their other programs.

Heroes is promoted in Studio 60:

Harriet (in a Cheerleader outfit to represent the Cheerleader superhero in Heroes): Am I the one who can travel through time?
Masi Oka: Nope
Harriet: Which one am I?
Masi Oka: You're indestructible(The cheerleader character on Heroes, Claire, heals quickly and doesn't die from bodily injuries and harm)
Harriet: Who's the one who can travel through time?
Masi Oka: Me (his character on Heroes, Hiro, can bend time)

And I'm sure that this is a shout-out to Conan O Brien's Manatee, a very popular character of his show, in Heroes:

Heroes' episode summary for this week:
  • Peter meets Claude and asks for his help.
  • Hiro and Ando are abducted.
  • Niki is offered help in dealing with Jessica.
  • D.L. comes to terms with raising Micah alone.
  • Matt integrates his power into his personal life.
  • Claire and Zach try to track down Claire's mother
--- HeroesWiki.com

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Season 1 Episode 13 - The Harriet Dinner, Part 1
Season 1 Episode 13 - The Fix
Original Airing: Jan. 29, 2007
Network: NBC