30 January 2007


There is no doubt in my mind, Mel Gibson has a vision for action movies. I liked how Apocalypto is paced. I liked the camera work. I was uncomfortable with the gore and blood, but I get that it is essential to the movie and close to what is real. In a way, he is an excellent director like that.

There is a doubt though, on whether Mel Gibson knows how to tell a story or not. He failed to loop me and capture me with this one. The unfamiliar actors were also uninspiring because they failed to draw me in. Was I supposed to be moved? To sympathize? To understand? To root for Jungle Paw? I felt neither.

Frankly, I found the movie a lot weird. Then again, I know zilch about the Mayan civilization (Me asking my husband ---> "Dad, is this the one about the tribe from that Atlantis cartoons?" LOL!), you can fault my ignorance for finding this movie unsettling.