07 January 2007

Reality Bites, Killing the MOA Crowd and some pimping...

Tomorrow, holiday break is officially over.

I will once again have to wake up very early to prepare my son for school.
We will once again have to deal with homework, and will probably be fighting over it...again.
I will once again stress over work.
I will once again have to wonder (and actually stress over) how we ever achieve to pay bills despite everything going up these days, except our earnings.
I will once again have only four hours of sleep, daily.
I will once again eat on regular hours, the holiday break threw my regular schedule off completely.
I will not have to slow down on TV watching, but will once again have to schedule everything else around it.

I dread 2007. I just feel it's not my year, even when the stars say otherwise. I know that you shouldn't trust your fate with the stars; that you have to make things happen. It just feels like it will take a lot from me, a lot more than I give (and being a Virgo, we do our part a lot!) for things to actually do happen.

Sometimes, life does look tons better on sitcom TV.

C'est la vie!


For the first time in a long time, I was out of the house last night (ganun pala ang itsura ng sibilisasyon! LOL!). Because there was nothing I could do in the house since the internet was dead and I could not watch FNL & Scrubs yet without my husband, I decided to brave Saturday traffic, be one with thousands of people, and watch the Pyro Olympics in MOA.

Alright, I had been to MOA once and I was only there for my son's field trip at IMAX and that's just about the only place I saw. Yesterday was my second time there and too bad for me, the place was packed with people (images of 24's shopping mall scare in my head). The two times I've been to MOA, I cannot say I truly enjoyed being in that place.

Except that I had to be there last night, since Pyro Olympics takes place at the bay and there's a spot in MOA my husband and his photog buddies secured which had a good vantage point. We were situated at the Php1200 spot (with catered meal from Via Mare, entertainment from a guy singing wedding songs and a tent to protect watchers from the harsh sun or in case it rains). The irony is, we only paid P100 to get in there but because these photographers have a way with charming organizers, our group got in and got the best spot --- the barge where the fireworks spew off was dead on center from where we were. I don't think I'm allowed to say that so let's just change the fonts to "tiny". Hehe!

Anyway, I instead took videos using the cellphone. That night USA was on and they gave quite a good show and quite an awesome finale. And because I'm not good with these gadget thingies, I failed to press the record button on the cellphone camera. I did not get to capture the last part which was the best part.... where people cheered "whoooohooo!" because USA treated us to an amazing display (sunod sunod, galing!). I felt really bad not being able to take that moment.

[As usual, I can't upload the 60-second video I took! Internet problems!]

Up next was Spain. In fairness, Spain's display looked a lot more organized than USA. But they had about a few seconds of dead-air in between. Which sorta brought the momentum down. USA on the other hand spewed in succession, I was so afraid to blink because I might miss something really good.

We got home at about 2AM.

I would like to return tonight because it's so fun to see the fireworks. But darn, being in that place makes me think of bad thoughts (like about me wishing I had a gun so that I can just make the crowd disappear). So, I'm not sure. I think I'll stay home, make early school preparations for my son, watch TV backlogs (I finally got Dexter and Heroes!), oh and yes, sleep.


Finally... I was supposed to share this a long time ago:

If you're in the Makati Area this week, please drop by OWG and check out the exhibit featuring the work of the hubby. :)

Beyond Frames by 7 Artists-Photographers at OWG.

Good artists follow the rules of art. Those who break them and take their artistry out of the box are better.

The essence of the second premise come in marvelous display as 7 artists-photographers stage a collaborative photography exhibit at OWG appropriately titled “Beyond Frames.” Images created through the exploration of the mind and camera as medium of expression fill up Galleries 1 and 2 of OWG, promising a rich harvest for art collectors and afficionados alike.

Purely expressing their thoughts and emotions, the featured artists take the art of photography in free flow beauty, bounded by no rules.

Names that resonate visual artistry beyond what is usually seen:

They all took their imagination to the deepest recesses of the mind and softest spots of the heart to produce artworks stretching possibilities and poetry in vision.
Each of their art pieces is printed on fine art paper that makes use of archival material to last for more than a century. Acid-free mounting and framing makes the framed images even more worth-collecting.

Described as a fine art show with a heart, this exhibit is mounted to benefit the World Vision Development Foundation. This means the said Foundation gets part of the proceeds to help out to the needy especially this Christmas. Thus, the 7 artists, aside from opening new horizons in bringing their artistry to unfounded frontier, have willingly opened their hearts to reach out to other people this Yuletide season.

“Beyond Frames” formally opens at OWG with a cocktail party on December 21, 6:30 pm . The exhibit runs till January 12, 2007 .

OWG, one of the topnotch state-of-the-art gallery/studios in town, is located at 2241 La Fuerza Plaza II Don Chino Roces Avenue cor. Sabio St. , Makati City.
For details pls call Ellen Capili at 8192074, 8105094

And you know, if you can buy some of his works there, the better. Hahah!