08 January 2007

It ain't a football show...

...unless there's some sort of "quarterback drama" involved. FNL (Friday Night Lights) does have a good ensemble cast. I just love watching scenes where the delivery and performance is just so perfect, you forget that it's actually scripted and you just begin to really care for what the characters are feeling. Like this one for instance...

In this scene we find Saracen, the quarterback, sticking it up to his dad. He just failed the team tonight and that almost cost them the game. Saracen was too distracted to play well. He just learned from his father (who is in town from Iraq for the next two weeks) that daddy is moving him to Oklahoma and his grandma (whom Saracen has been taking care of all this time) will have to be sent to a nursing home. She can't be left all alone anymore (she's showing signs of Alzheimer). Of course, this does not bode too well for Saracen, his life is in Dillon, Texas.

Dad (consoling his son, Saracen after a bad game): You'll get them next time, man.
Saracen: You're sending me to Oklahoma
Dad: You can play football anywhere
Saracen: Go to hell, dad
Dad: What did you say?
Saracen: I said go to hell
Dad: Why don't you just get in the truck ---
Saracen: I'm not getting into the truck with you and I'm not gonna go home with you. You know I thought you were gonna come home from Iraq and gonna actually be able to help. You know what, actually, why don't you just go back to Iraq coz things worked out a lot better when you were there.
Dad: Really? When you were calling me all the time, "Help me, grandma can't do anything right..I don't know what to do"
Saracen: I'm sorry it's hard to pay the rent and go to school and take care of my grandma
Dad: You come home to this?! Now get in the truck!
Saracen: I'm not going anywhere with you
Dad: Get in the truck
Saracen: You get in the truck...

Friday Night Lights
Season 1 Episode 11 - Nevermind
Original Airing: Jan 3, 2007
Network: NBC