05 January 2007

Dwight has a heart...or is just so clueless!

I would've posted this in video format because it would be better told that way. But I can't upload any because my connection is still crawling. Phooey.

Anyway tonight, I was very surprised to see this scene from The Office.

I would have never expected 1) for Pam to cry over Jim (ahhh, to be in love and not be loved back!); and 2) for Dwight, the least liked person in the office, to console Pam.

But of course, this is The Office and if it does turn out Dwight's human, then that just takes the character's essence away. It's a good thing the writers didn't do that...because while this scene was both heart-warming & heart-wrenching for me, it was also very, very funny. Especially when Dwight said in the end:

Dwight: So you're P-M-S-ing pretty bad huh?

LOL! What a perfect way to ruin the moment! He had no idea Pam is heartbroken.

The Office (USA)
Season 3 Episode 11 - Back From Vacation
Original Airing: January 3, 2007
Network: NBC