17 January 2007

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This one will be hurriedly done, my mind's kinda everywhere...

Watching TV

* Watched Standoff last night on Crime/Suspense. I didn't realize that this was a reunion for Ron Livingston and Michael Cudlitz, who both were part of the series Band of Brothers, a show that I consider one of the best for this decade. I am glad to see Gina Torres on TV again. But of course she wasn't really gone, she has been constantly doing guest appearances. I'm just glad she is, once again, a series regular this time around.

I, am, however, not glad for StandOff. Those three actors I mentioned would have made me really excited for the show but as it turns out, halfway through the program, I was already lost in my own world, plucking my eyebrows (for the first time!). I was that uninterested I didn't even notice it already ended.

Also, Rosemary DeWitt, the lead actress? Can't act. :( Her face is devoid of any expression, felt like her jaw didn't have any muscles. Hehe.

Should I tune in next week? If I can remember.

* Will be watching American Idol tonight at 8 PM on Star World. Yey!

Watching a movie

* Watched the movie, The Queen, early this morning... all by myself... which was fun to do. :) This is the type of movie I would want to watch alone.

I was in my last tri-mester of pregnancy that time Diana was killed in that car accident and since a pregnant woman's hormones can go haywire, I was also crying non-stop while I was watching the events of her death on BBC or CNN.

Anyhow, back to the movie. However sad the premise was, I had fun watching The Queen. The way the story was carried out, one done as intimately as possible, made me realize ---- it sucks to be queen (haha!) especially a queen in this day and age, where nobody recognizes the importance of process, protocol and traditions anymore. I thought it was a film that would mock the Queen or something, but instead it helped me know who she is and understand why she is that way and amidst everything that's been said, there's a Queen who truly deserves the respect and dignity accorded to her. The Brits should be proud of her.

* This past week I told myself I should be watching more movies this time around. I have, I think, only seen about 50 or so movies in the last two years (!!!) and that isn't like me... and most of them were animations too. This could be my New Year's resolution (I don't think it's late to make one). Let's see if I can accomplish it. :) To make good my goal, I have three more movies lined up ready for watching anytime this week: Eragon, Night at the Museum and Children of Men.

Now, TV watching doesn't have to take a backseat but I do wish there were 72 hours in a day...

Watching The Amazing Race

* And excellent piece of news from the All-Stars Season of TAR

Kevin & Drew - Lifelong Friends - Season 1 - 4th Place

Ozwald & Danny - Best Friends - Season 2 - 4th Place

John & Jill - Formerly Dating - Season 3 - 5th Place

Uchenna & Joyce - Married - Season 7 - 1st Place

David & Mary - Coalminer and Wife - Season 10 - 6th Place

Charla & Mirna - Cousins - Season 5 - 6th Place

Rob & Amber - Married - Season 7 - 2nd Place

Teri & Ian - Married Parents - Season 3 - 2nd Place

Eric & Danielle - Dating - Season 9 - 2nd/8th Place

Joe & Bill - Life Partners - Season 1 - 3rd Place

Dustin & Kandice - Beauty Queens - Season 10 - 4th Place

No Colin and Christie? Awww.... I would love to see Colin break down again hehe. And John Vito and Jill are back but they're formerly dating? That means they aren't anymore? They broke up? :( Rob and Amber --- of course they will be there. Every show needs a villain. They create friction, which translates to lots of people watching, which means good ratings. As much as I don't like them outside TAR, they will probably be one of the teams I'll root for because they will keep TAR interesting. RomBer na ulit ako!

TAR airs in February 8th.