05 January 2007

Familiar Actors

In Case of Emergency on ABC aired to less than stellar reviews and some people are betting it won’t last the season.

The premise is a lot similar to CBS’s The Class ---- where a group of ex-schoolmates are reunited after 20 years, amidst unfortunate events. Of the two, I prefer I.C.E. better, mainly because of its very familiar actors ---- David Arquette (Courtney Cox’ hubby), Jonathan Silverman (The Single Guy), Lori Laughlin (Full House) , Kelly Hu (Xmen) & Greg Germann (Ally McBeal).

As for the show, admittedly I.C.E is not on my priority list. There is little to feel
excited about its premise, because 1) it’s not original; 2) I was not that amused. However, as usual, rarely do first episodes seal the fate of a TV show, so it’s worth another look next week. And I’ll give David Arquette an A for effort --- for trying to cleverly use Phoebe Buffay’s (should be) patented word: “filangi” in a discussion.

Synopsis of I.C.E (from BuddyTV):

In Case of Emergency is about a couple high school acquaintances who are reunited years later and find their lives have not turned out as they had planned. Hapless, desperate and lonely, they are all brought together in a string of emergencies and at the end of the day, that'll find that they've got each other in case of emergency.

In Case of Emergency
Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot
Original Airing: Jan 3rd 2007
Network: ABC