10 January 2007

Embracing the Heroes

Yes, I finally saw it. ;) Spent the whole day watching Heroes yesterday, thank god there wasn't much to do.

First of all, before he was known as HIRO, this guy was FRANKLYN --- the lab guy JD, Dr. Cox and the rest of Scrubs, terrorized in that comedy show. Today, Masi Oka aka Hiro, is a popular character on TV, more popular than the JD character, I think. I wonder when they're coming up with a Hiro reference there, knowing how Scrubs work. :)

Secondly, SKYLAR in this photo below, reminded me of Clark Kent in the 80's. And I knew I've seen the actor somewhere, he looked awfully familiar. Googling him answered my question. He was in the 3rd Season of 24. Played a minor role as a CTU tech guy who didn't get along with Kim (hehe, now I remember!).

And third, this comparison of Heroes vs Lost is right on the money. Particularly when he said Heroes had a better central concept than Lost:

Their central concept is fluid and adaptable. How do these people cope with their newfound powers, what to they do with them, what does it mean that they have them while others don’t, what forces may align to try and hurt them because of their powers? These are concepts that can applied towards just about any plotline. And since they aren’t bound by the limits of an island, the characters can literally go anywhere.

I was not very impressed when I saw Heroes for the first time. I felt it was droned and the pacing was too slow. I was too impatient, wanting the characters to get together right away, don their silly costumes and go on Justice League mode. :) My husband was a lot impatient, he's wondering when the big explosion in New York takes place already. Anyhow, after the fourth episode, I was ready to embrace the heroes. There is something about this show, one that Lost completely uh, lost... that sort of fills one's curiosity adequately.

Watching it didn't leave me feeling giddy nor excited nor anticipating nor obsessive (as I did with Lost the first time). But then, between the two shows, I got more satisfaction from watching Heroes after each episode. Because they didn't leave matters hanging. I mean despite having each episode end with a "To be continued...", you pretty much got the answers right away. The story isn't complex and it isn't dumb either. And it is showing Lost it's possible to do it that way.

On January 31st, cable channel StarWorld will begin airing Heroes.

Season 1
Original airing: Sept 25th, 2006
Network: NBC
On Philippine Cable: Starworld