18 January 2007

A little something of this and that

...a little Singing and Dancing

American Idol S6 Premiere
Minnesota Auditions
Original Airing: Jan. 16, 2007
Network: Fox

After six seasons, we know the drill by now. Along with discovering potential singing sensations, we also watch this show because of those delusional people trying their luck at the auditions. Last night, the delusional ones outweighed the better singers. Out of the 100+ only 17 passed, and the ones they showed weren't even good. The highlight for me would have to be that girl who sang Kiss, but forgot the lyrics. I wanted to end her misery, or rather my misery, by switching channels, hoping she is gone on my TV screen by the time I switch back. Unfortunately, her airtime was a lot longer and she went on and on like some crazy dog trying to bite his own tail. I had no choice but to sit through and watch. It was excruciating!

But the best part of the show last night would have to come in a form of the now famous green door, the Other Door. Contestants kept missing the right door for them to barge out of the room (you know, for that dramatic exit after Simon, Randy, Paula and guest judge Jewel give them the thumbs down). I was watching AI with my 9-year old and after the fourth time it happened, he wondered why the producers just don't put a sign on the door or something. Well, that's comedy for you, my dear. Seriously, that door was the ultimate entertainment the episode had on last night. Best Performance by a Non-Living Thing. :)

Grease: You're The One That I Want
NY Auditions
Original Airing: Jan. 14, 2007
Network: NBC

I ran this on the computer after I saw AI. A lot of people are saying it reminds them too much of Idols . In some ways, that is true. Because the format is a lot like it. The quips the hosts make will remind you of Seacrest Out as well. Surprisingly the show is doing well. It's not projected to do better than Idols but where it stands right now on ratings, you would've not expected it. As for me... maybe because I've gone tired of watching bad auditions two straight hours earlier, I didn't have both eyes on the screen for this show tonight. I had it on yes, but only to serve as background noise while I surfed the net. Once in awhile I'd check to see who the judges were dissing but I think my interest will peak once the heats come to play.

...a little Boobie Peek

Season 2 Episode 1 - Passover

Original Airing: Jan. 14, 2007
Network: HBO

Can someone explain to me the significance of this? That's a dead Ceasar and that's a big boobie. LOL! I'm trying to find the significance of why the slave girl was asked to put her nipple in dead Ceasar's mouth. What google key word should I use? Hehe!

Anyway, for those interested, here is a gist of what is Rome about:

Rome" is the saga of two ordinary Roman soldiers and their families. An intimate drama of love and betrayal, masters and slaves, and husbands and wives, it chronicles epic times that saw the fall of a republic and the creation of an empire. The series begins in 52 BC, as Gaius Julius Caesar has completed his masterful conquest of Gaul after eight years of war, and is preparing to return to Rome. He heads home with thousands of loyal battle-hardened men, huge amounts of loot in gold and slaves, and a populist agenda for radical social change. Terrified, the aristocracy threatens to prosecute Caesar for war crimes as soon as he sets foot in Rome. Caesar's old friend and mentor, Pompey Magnus, attempts to foment mutiny in order to maintain the balance of power. Two of Caesar's soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, thwart Pompey's plan and in the process, win the eternal gratitude of Caesar and the Julian clan, affording the two plebian officers an intimate view of the ruling class. The fates of Pullo and Vorenus become entwined with those of Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra and the boy Octavian, a strange and awkward child who, by political guile and bloody force, will become the first emperor of Rome. (Source: HBO Press Release)
--- TV.Com
Season 2 will be Rome's last season. After this run, the show is, uh, history.

...a lot like Grey's Anatomy

Brothers and Sisters
Season 1 Episode 12 - Sexual Politics
Original Airing: Jan. 14, 2007
Network: ABC

This week's episode of Brothers and Sisters reminded me of Grey's Anatomy. It did not center on sibling relationships. Instead, it zeroed in on their lovelife (lovelives? LOL!).

- Kitty is trying to convince her new officemates that she and the senator, her new boss, aren't dating (I think they will, in the following episodes) or even remotely attracted to each other. Her plan to do that foiled when they were caught by the press having dinner together and it's all over the papers the next day.
- Kevin met an actor who made advances at him, even if the actor admitted he wasn't gay.
- Sarah is jealous of the closeness between her husband and the mom of one of her daughter's friends.
- Tommy discovers his wife has a newfound appetite for sex
- Nora, the mom, also had a romance of her own. She was set up on a blind date with supposedly an amazing guy who is "right for her". But it turns out, he's gay and just loves to hang around with women.
- And for the first time, Justine the drug-dependent youngest brother, did not have any scenes.

Brothers and Sisters will be airing on Pinoy TV via Studio23 soon.

And there you have it...all of last night's TV viewing.
I'll go back to bed now to catch some Zzzzz's.