22 January 2007


Let me get this out of the way first so that it will not be misunderstood: the movie is funny. Anyone watching it will find himself laughing at some scenes.

But anyone watching it will also find something to be offended about. If not offended, some scenes will leave you with that uncomfortable feeling... you may find yourselves squirming at your seat when you're watching this comedy.

The movie's LOL moments bordered on offensive and juvenile --- things I find funny now and then; but things I also find stupid, depending on my mood. The funniest bits I saw where all in the teasers already, not in the movie. Well, maybe except for that poop-in-a-plastic part, which on hindsight is all too familiar... the humor was typically Pinoy (diba?)! :)

I would like to think my tolerance for things offensive is pretty wide. I am not a person who gets easily offended.

I would like to think that I understand satire and mockery. I think that those who know how to use it are the smartest, funniest people.

But I would have to say in all honesty that --- I did not get the movie. Or to be more specific, I did not get the hype around it.

Cohen has the balls (see picture hehe) to go beyond what is tolerated. He is one helluva risk-taker who got lucky, people are buying into the hype.

"Is that what's all there is to it?" was what I said when the movie ended.

Maybe if there were other comedies the time Borat came out, it would've not been getting all this publicity (good and bad).