09 January 2007


Crime/Suspense on Cable will be airing StandOff beginning Jan 16th @ 9PM.

Gist of the Show:

Two members of Los Angeles' FBI CNU (Crisis Negotiation Unit) juggle their professional lives with a personal romance. Standoff is a new twist on the old hostage negotiator story.

Similar in Theme to:

"The Negotiator"

Final Word:

If anyone can make a middling show enjoyable, it would be Ron Livingston. Standoff may not look great, but it has the kind of attractive cast and intriguing premise that might get viewers to turn in, even if Standoff isn't that good. I see the show has similar to Bones, and if that show can succeed on FOX, Standoff can too.

--- BuddyTV

The cable sched is in conflict with American Idol. I can't decide if I should watch Standoff on cable or D/L it. Which will then answer my dilemma of whether or not I should watch American Idol during the satellite telecast at 4PM or tune to it at 8PM. In which case, I won't be able to watch Standoff on cable. But then I like watching it on cable, sometimes D/Ling exhausts me for some crazy reason. Maybe because I've got limited HD space and I don't burn those I D/L since I wait for them to come out on DVD...so then I'm forced to watch shows which I can watch much, much later because I have to make room for the other shows to fill up the hard disk.

It just goes on and on. Domino-ing...And you can tell I'm just rambling off.

I've been mulling over this since I confirmed the sched last night. And I'm thinking about it still, when I woke up today.

I have a degree from a good university which I can make use of, you know, for a career. I have some work to get to so that I can help and get to paying bills. I have chores and obligations to decide on, feed my family, attend to their needs. There are people angry at what is going on with our government. Election is happening in May. Someone from an influential Pinoy family suddenly died the other night. Ely Buendia, music genius, had a heart attack at 36. Saddam has been beheaded weeks ago and this poses a lot of implications worldwide. The world has gone crazy.

But a conflict of TV show schedule is what I stress over. Wehehe! :$

Season 1
Original Airing: Sept 05, 2006 to present
Network: FOX
On Philippine Cable: Crime/Suspense