11 January 2007

How many more episodes till I drop this?

I'm not sure why I'm still mentally setting next week's sched for this show, but I am. I'm still going to watch it even when this episode was a complete waste of time. My attachment to the actors is clouding my preference.

Episode synopsis:
Kelly's cop boyfriend catches Harry helping her move her things out of his place and he isn't happy about it. Jason is still trying to have something going on with Dr. Joanna while Sherman's staff refuses to help him to restore his professional reputation.
--- TV.com
There was nothing funny here tonight, move along people... :P

Anyhoo, now I know who JD of Scrubs remind me of. This guy:

It sounds a lot like something JD would say or do, no?

In Case of Emergency
Season 1 Episode 2 - It's Got to Be the Morning After
Original Airing: Jan 10, 2007
Network: ABC