12 January 2007

This is the reason why I watch the B & S

Despite being ignored by several award giving bodies, the people behind Brothers & Sisters have reason to celebrate. The show is slowly climbing the ratings. This recent episode, Family Day, actually made it to Top 20 (wheee!). Finally, it is getting the recognition it deserves. More people are starting to watch it!

Watching the show tonight, Sally Field really cracked me up. With B & S, I'd already be crying after ten minutes and I think I've said this many times in my previous entries. There's just too much drama on this show, one so good, my eyes just automatically well up. But for this episode, I was laughing for a change and was quite enjoying it. It is evident to me that the actors have chemistry. There is a potential Best Ensemble Cast in here.

Now, here folks is what good TV is. It's a three minute clip but please watch, it is worth your time.

As a backgrounder, they are all in the rehab center at the request of Justine, the youngest sibling, recovering drug addict. But a few days before that, each of them had matters needed to be sorted with each other, like:
** Kevin (the gay one) is mad at Kitty (Ally McBeal) for taking that job offer with the Senator, who is supposedly against gay-relationships
** Tommy (the eldest son) is frustrated at their Mother because she decided she had to also work in the family company, because their father's mistress also took up work there. They couldn't find Mom something to do so she ended up answering phones, LOL! Tommy was gonna be her boss but she was a difficult employee.
** Sarah (the eldest daughter) discovers her husband's son (from an ex-wife) is drinking alcohol and he is only about 15 and she thought it was her job to set him straight since she is his mother now, and the husband is upset over it.

Anyway, here's the clip:

And in true B&S manner, the show ended with me misty-eyed yet again. Ahh. Sometimes it is good to cry about something beautiful, it's so...cathartic. Tonight was the time for that.

Brothers & Sisters
Season 1 Episode 11 - Family Day
Original Airing: Jan 7, 2007
Network: ABC