31 January 2007

Who's More Bootylicious?

Mark Anthony


This week's episode of Rome showed a lot of booties (click photos to enlarge). There's one more I can't screen capture and paste here since it's of some guy getting booty-raped and the image's not too good at this hour of the morning, or at any hour for that matter. :D

Anyway, setting aside all of that booty, here's the real story this week:
  • Brutus and Cassius struggle to raise foreign armies to oppose the Cesarean party.
  • Mark Antony's plans to change his post-consul proconsular governorship from Macedonia to Gaul are derailed when Cicero delivers an in-absentia message to the Senate, and throws his support behind Octavian.
  • Vorenus struggles to contain an all-out gang war in the Aventine Collegium, of his own making,that he blames on Pullo.
  • In the house of the Julii, Octavia passes the hours in a drug induced daze, while a duplicitous youth named Duro, planted amongst the Julii by Servilia, looks for the chance to set a deadly plan in motion.
None of it involved booties :) ... but plenty of it involved plots to take power and eliminate someone; much like what's happening in our own government now, what with the elections coming in a few months.

Season 2 Episode 3 - These Being The Words Of Marcus Tullius Cicero
Original Airing: Jan. 28, 2007
Network: HBO