07 January 2007

A couple of “OH-MY-GODs!”

1. 24 Season 6 episodes have leaked on the internet.

The very reason why people behind the show decided to release an advance 4-episode, single Season 6 DVD (that’s 6 hours worth of episodes!), was to actually fight off internet pirates. The thing is, this DVD is released everywhere, and not just exclusive to FOX - TV. And then naturally some stores get advance stocks, so that on release day, the DVDs are already on the store shelves. Sometimes, selling DVDs in advance prior to release date get stores into a lot of trouble in the US. But there are those that really bend the rules. And so, one person probably got the copy early, converted the files into downloadable torrents, and uploaded it on the internet… and viola! Pirates win once again!

Anyhow, for what’s it worth, watching the show now or 8 days later (when it premieres on TV), is still worth it. The first 6 hours of the series supposedly translates to “the best in the series ever!” Words not mine, but from people who have already seen the episodes.

2. Grissom is leaving CSI.

I admit I don’t watch a lot of CSI anymore, because the formula got repetitive. But I do admire the Grissom character over the other CSI lead men (Caruso and Senise's characters). His departure is only temporarily, the press release said. The actor is experiencing job burn-out. And I think that's a subtle way of saying, CSI, despite being a top-rater, will probably close next season or so.

And when that happens, who's gonna lord over Thursday nights (that is if NBC's Thursday Comedy line-up isn't pulling the numbers still)? ---- Grey's Anatomy.

3. Grey's Anatomy gets a new character.

This is probably the answer to all the rumors going around about the show adding a new character, someone that will provide eye-candy (she's pretty, but at that time rumors were circulating, they didn't say if it was a HE or a SHE). It was also said she'd be Preston Burke's replacement or something, because the actor playing PB is supposedly becoming a diva --- pag lalaking diva, DIVO? LOL! and oh, I heard in passing on TV - ET or Insider at ETC, forgot which - about some psychic predicting someone will actually depart from the show for personal reasons. Anyway, rumors/spoilers and predictions can be rubbish sometimes. So we'll wait and see.

Ah yes, the new girl --- is Elizabeth Reaser (girl from The Family Stone) and she has a recurring role as a psychiatrist, one that may be permanent later.