15 January 2007

(Pardon the swear word) F**king Psychos

Yesterday, my husband and I finished Sopranos Season 5. And if by any chance I cuss or swear in this entry, it's because I'm still on Sopranos mode and could not shake off the number of times I've heard the f-word uttered. Anyway, we finished the season two years too late as S5 supposedly ended May of 2004... and I'm left with nothing to say but... they *bleep*-ing killed Adrianna (played by Drea de Matteo)! Of course, I knew that was to happen two years ago, after searching recap sites for an update, I just didn't think it would happen that way ---- she crawled for her life, begged for her life. It was pitiful to see. :(

Anyway, from one f--- of a show (see...Sopranos mode on still), hubby and I moved on to the next --- Dexter, which is about a serial killer-forensic investigator. We're still down two episodes so I cannot say with commitment if I liked it or not. I am not exactly a fan of Michael C. Hall's work (yet). I am, however, liking the way they treat the episodes --- it is almost absent of any background music (which in other shows eventually become music hits, eh?) and I find that rather refreshing, it's definitely something different. Also, killers appeal to me (That's my dark side talking [insert wicked laughter]). Or rather, the mind of a killer. The mind of a genius killer, specifically. And I'm guessing, in a subliminal way, that's what Dexter's target audience is --- our psychotic dark side.

On to other things...we're experiencing internet slowdown once again, I could not even post photos in this entry. :( Haaay. Rome Season 2 has begun and D/L-ing is unfortunately Jurassic!

And last night, it just occurred to me, this is the year I'm getting my little boy snipped.....circumcised. And frankly, we're both still unprepared emotionally. I've been trying to prepare him since last year since he is likely to cause a big fuss at the clinic. Haaay ulit. Bahala na. My baby is growing up *sniff!*

Still from last night, my 9-year old boy told me not to tell his father about their school holding no classes on Friday (for a teacher's event). And he asked me to keep it a secret from his dad, scout's honor. When I asked why...he says he plans to get his dad all worked up since by sleeping very late Thursday evening, his dad is sure to scowl, grumble, go raging mad and tell him to go to bed immediately and they'd be fighting again. And get this --- nothing would delight him more than to see how his dad would react once he tells him there is no class the next day. Aaaawww, how cute! :P {/sarcasm] My son is thinking like a prick. :P I think he has picked that up from me -- knowing what buttons to push with his Dad. Psycho prick. LOL!