08 January 2007

Scenes from 24 Season 6 1-4

I admit, I was too excited for 24, I gave in to the early episodes. Never mind if I have to wait for three more weeks so that I can follow the story after seeing these episodes. All I know is that Jack Bauer is back and the kill count is on. I'm not about to spoil anyone with what went on, but I bet if you google this, it's already there. Instead, I will just post screen caps of a few images, just to whet your appetite.

The TV show unfolds in a week.

See Jack channel Lestat, the vampire...or maybe Hannibal Lecter hehe. This is his first kill for the season. Weapon of Choice: pearly whites

See Jack puke. And it's not because he ate bad food...This is from the fourth episode. Which I think is the best one yet. *Boo-hoo* something made me cry in this episode!

So far, I think Jack killed only one and injured one...in four hours. That's pretty slow by Jack Bauer standards. Isolation in China made him dull and rusty.

24 Season 6
Original airing: Jan 14, 2007
Network: FOX