02 January 2007

Robin Hood BBC

BBC Channel's 2006 version of Robin Hood looked promising at first...

And then eventually, everything felt half-baked...
- Save for their lovely accents, half the cast in this series act unconvincingly or worse, over the top.
- For all its wit and humour (<--- British spelling hehe!), the story-telling felt laboured and contrived. It felt like the writers had a very simple story on hand, but they told it in a really complicated manner or something.
- The swordplay and the action sequences only looked really good in the first episode (see above video). The succeeding ones didn't quite deliver. I was expecting Legolas-like arrow shooting from Robin, I didn't get any.

There are about 12 episodes to this series, my husband (who didn't like the music they used for this show) and I are halfway done. We're both fans of stories that take place in, to borrow Rachel's line from Friends, "the days of yore". Maybe this show will get better in the next half.

One other thing, the guy who plays Robin Hood? Yum! That's all that matters, not the story! LOL! Jonas Armstrong, really cute and charming. In that boy-band/young Brad Pitt sort of way. *sigh* And I'm not even into boy bands nor Brad Pitt.

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