11 January 2007

Not Guilty

Awwww.... :)


Episode Recap:
- House realizes he's in trouble, and does the unthinkable --- says "I'm Sorry" to Tritter (and I did not like that he did that! Wawa...). He also apologized to Wilson (that I liked....kiss! kiss! LOL!)
- House checks himself in rehab, few floors above the floor he works at. Took medicines that will help him go through the process
- Meanwhile, a patient is suffering from broken-heart syndrome and has seizures whenever this friend, whom he secretly loves, is nearby; he tried to strangle Cameron, so they fried his brain.
- Cuddy covers for House in court. Cuddy committed perjury. But is she sorry? Nooooooo.

Cuddy to House: You make everyone around you worse for being there. The only bright spot is now I own your ass. When you get out of rehab, you're going to be pulling double clinic duty, giving lectures to students, helping me find donors, and pretty much anything else I ask. Got it?

Kiss! Kiss! LOL!

- House vs Tritter case is dismissed, thanks to Cuddy. But House spends a night in jail for contempt coz he walked out of the courtroom in the middle of the deposition; he had to attend to the brain-fried patient.
- Wilson discovers the medicine House takes while in rehab ---- Vicodin! House was still on it all along.
- Tritter is GONE! *doing my happy dance*

Season 3 Episode 11 - Words and Deeds
Original Airing: Jan 9, 2007
Network: FOX
On Philippine Cable: AXN (one season behind)