14 January 2007

GA - Six Days Part 1

Breaking down the synopsis from TV.Com:

Meredith discovers that Derek has a problem sleeping
Because she snores. Quite loudly. That Derek wonders how such a sound comes out of her tiny body.

while her father comes to visit the hospital.
Since her half-sister's baby is still in baby-ICU (what's that called, neonatal care?). Anyway, Meredith ignores her father as much as she can. She has "abandonment" issues.

George's Mother: Who is that... you're ex-boyfriend?
Meredith: No, that's my ex-father.

George's father is moving from one surgery to another.
I couldn't understand the medical blabbers but from what I know, once they opened him up, the tumor was worst than they expected and at his request to "take it all out no matter what", the doctors did, despite the complications. Post-op, George tells his brothers and mother to prepare themselves for what they will see....that his father will have cuts, will be in a tube and everything. When the family saw the Dad, they were all delighted he got out of surgery. When George saw his dad, he was stunned. Seemed he was the one who wasn't prepared. He knew how complicated it got in surgery.

A patient named Heather checks into the hospital. Heather is 17 and has a nasty attitude that results from her medical condition and all the surgeries it has required her to have.
She can't stand straight because her back is too curved for her to be walking tall (scolosis...it made me cringe, just by looking at it!). She actually walks bending down and has been doing that since she was little.

A woman has an emotional breakdown when she tries to hand over something very important to her.
That woman would be Izzie, finally cashing the cheque.

A doctor's family comes to visit to celebrate an occasion.
This didn't happen yet, since the episode is a two-parter, and the second one airs next week. Ths could be Christina's family, spoilers said (so that's not definite).

And it is likely Izzie will be giving money to that girl with scolosis since they do not have the insurance to cover her. It is Izzie's case after all and she and the girl sort of connected even if the girl bitched at her.

Oh... and Christina and Burke are still together, but aren't talking to each other.

And, except for the couple, MerDer, two people kissed, or at least tried to, this episode:

George & Callie

Karev and ex-She-Shepard

It was an okay episode. Quite toned down for a Grey's Anatomy show me thinks; wasn't able to have LOL moments or to sniffle at some moving scenes (although the George-Dad angle was touching). Bato yata ako ngayon... :(

But I'm glad this show is back with new episodes.

Greys Anatomy
Season 3 Episode 11 - Six Days, Part 1
Original Airing: Jan 11, 2007
Network: ABC