03 January 2007

Full Moon

A dear friend told me earlier, there's a full moon tonight. No wonder I don't like how today is turning out, it's like my emotion's on a roller-coaster ride. I woke up feeling haggard and harassed...and I have not even started doing anything yet. I flinch at the very little things (things my husband does), snap at people who ask too many questions (my son, for one) and I am intolerant of what is going on around me (everything else).

But there are instances when I sneak at my son's room and give him surprise bear hugs or I pinch my husband's thigh area...because I just feel like it. My son said I was acting very weird --- one minute I was all snarly, the next minute I was goofy. Maybe tonight I will cry, for no reason at all. I'm not menopausal yet (!!!). So, it must be the full moon....

It must also be the full moon that's messing up our internet connection. It is slooooooooooooow, it took me 30 minutes to login to Blogger.

My D/L-ings pretty slow too, I could just cry! (---> there's my reason for crying tonight!) Tomorrow is officially when all the good shows are coming back on air and this is my situation.

It just blows, man.

I'm forced to do something else...something more substantial and productive. Yikes. LOL!