25 January 2007

One Line Only


I was offline for a couple of days. Lost internet connection (boo!) but was able to catch up with some good TV viewing. I'm too exhausted to write anything about it so let me just give one liners:

Prison Break: They've turn really, really stupid.

Rome: Uh-oh, I smell a big battle scene in the offing, Whooohooo!

24: Jack back to his crazy self, whoohoo ulit!

Heroes: The final line at the end? 'stig!

Studio 60: Ahh, love is in the air!

Bros & Sis: I gave this show a standing ovation a long time ago. Just really, really good. (So good, this is actually a three-liner!)

Grease You're The One I Want: Good thing they're moving to the Top12 already!


Currently catching up on The Sopranos Season 6 Part 1....and now I get why the show used to be a favorite punchline among late-night comics last year. Vito is gay! And I just saw it. Season 6 reminds me a lot of what Season 1 was like. And no wonder Edie Falco still gets nominated everytime. She really was wonderful this season.

I just found out Oz Season 3 (I think) is showing on cable via Crime/Suspense....which is good because I can now catch up.... that is if I still have the energy to tune to more TV! Now this show is what prison is! People should be watching this more than Prison Break.

Alright, am off to catch American Idol on cable in a while.