31 December 2006

Huling Hirit for 2006

I thought I won't be able to go online today. I'm preparing for media noche and the extended family has decided to bunk with us tonight. Fun! The living room is like a war zone, my floor is spotted with dirt (OC alert!), and there's someone constantly screaming (we've got four little boys in the house, everyone! Boxing match at 6 PM! LOL!). But on the flipside, it's fun to cook with everyone in the family doing it together. Never mind if we're all cramped and packed in the tiny kitchen. Or my father eats everything even before it's supposed to be served. Also, it's so fun to order little 3-4 year old boys around...uto-uto sobra!

There are days when I loathe occasions like this. You know, when the family's all together. Because there's too much noise, too much going on and there's a lot of mess. >:( But there are also days when I miss and long for occasions like this...because of the very same reasons. I guess that is the way with big families, you either love it or don't.

Right now, everyone's found a spot somewhere in this house to take afternoon naps. I would've slept myself but I'm using this time to do this (blog and surf). And also because I'm watching over some people, my dad and husband in particular....they ate too much lechon and papaitan for lunch and I'm super paranoid about people experiencing heart attacks during the holiday season because of this exactly.

Anyhow, let's turn to something TV related now.

Slept really late last night watching Crime/Suspense on cable. They had The Closer, E-Ring & The Unit on after 12 MN. So my husband and I were glued to the TV till about 3 AM.... which was good because aside from the fact that it's bonding moment time for us :D, 1) I've never really seen a full episode of The Closer [it's okay...reminds me of Perry Mason for some reason]; 2) It's always good to watch E-ring [it's not your usual military/law enforcement show] and 3) The episode of The Unit last night was something we've not yet seen [it's always good to catch up!].

Anyway, three things about Crime/Suspense:

1. Their teasers of 24 - not cool! I hate that it gets played commercial break after commercial break. And it's not even done well. I was hoping they'd lose the rock music or whatever that is. I know it's supposed to represent Crime/Suspense, I think that's their station song or something...but it's ruining the essence of 24. Just the clock ticking will do, please.

2. The fact that they will begin airing Battlestar Gallactica by January - way cool! (Or are sci-fi geeks supposed to know what cool is? :D ) And this is the series created in 2004, not the one aired in 1978... which apparently my husband (tough guy on the outside, but really a geek on the inside) was watching then (while I was, in those days, watching shows like John 'en Marsha or something...wait, Cafeteria Aroma...no, maybe Iskul Bukol). Anyhow...where was I? Yes. BG 2004. Crime/Suspense will carry it; it seems to be very popular with the internet population (it's always on someone's top 10 TV list on the net); and there's a niche for it locally (same people who follow Star Trek, Firefly and the old BG). Worth checking out, I know. You don't see me gesturing with my hands but I'm doing that sign Trekkies do when they greet each other. I'm trying to say geek is cool. I live with one.

3. They carry Without A Trace - cool! And I only learned of this last night. I gotta tune to this channel a lot more!

And then finally....

This morning, I chanced upon my dad watching an episode of Friends, and may I add, FOR THE FIRST TIME (on ETC), in the living room with my brother and cousins. My dad's the type who loves espionage and political drama (ah, yes...he's the target audience of Crime/Suspense) and to see him glued to one of Friends' silliest Thanksgiving episodes and was actually laughing at it, surprised me. He has acquired an interest for it, yes. "Nak, nak, sikat na sila lahat dahil sa show na to no? Kahit wala na sila?"......Ay, naku Papa, don't get me started! I offered we watch the other episodes on DVD later, after dinner.

Our neighbors are preparing for Karaoke sessions tonight (they started last night, OMG!), kids will be outside on the streets with firecrackers, while our family --- as we wait to greet the new year.... we will all be seated in the living room, siksikan sa sofa, or some of us will be on the floor, watching Friends.

There's no better way to end 2006 than this.