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03 July 2007


Saw Sicko. Perhaps it's the one I like best of Michael Moore's films. Very entertaining. Maybe one-sided, alright but made me think about our own Health Care system. If I get cancer and I need medical care, I will fly to France...no problem. The problem is, I don't have the money to pay for the ticket. And of course, I can't speak French!

Saw parts of Concert for Diana. Saw Duran Duran. Had myself a Music & Lyrics moment. Nick Rhodes is old and a bit chubby. Still cute though. The Taylor brothers - old and haggard looking! Their songs - still great! Simon - still have it!

Saw, Bea. Winner PBB2. Meh. I'm sure she's a fine girl with admirable qualities and will manage her winnings properly. But that is all I can say. So, when's the next Big Brother Season? ALL STARS! ALL STARS! ALL STARS! ALL STARS! I would want the following for ALL STARS, mostly for my entertainment: Ate Racquel, JB, Uma, Jason, Nene, Rustom, Keana, Bianca, Zanjoe, Wendy, Mickey, Dionne, Zeke. There's a merry mix of strong personalities. It will spell F-R-I-C-T-I-O-N!

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