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10 July 2007

Private Practice Theme Song, More Dish for Ugly Betty, Grey's & Heroes

Disclaimer: I am not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.

Private Practice
Rumor has it that the theme song for this show is What I've Done by a band called Until June.
S in New York City: Hey, ladies, I just wanted to let you know they've already picked the theme song for Kate Walsh’s new show, Private Practice. It’s officially "What I've Done" by Until June. I work for the company that works closely with the band, and this is a definite yes! If you could let fans of the show know this we'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
According to the studio, as of yet, no theme song has been selected, but since you seem so sure, we’re puttin’ it out there...but officially, it’s still a rumor. --- Watch with Kristin of E!
If you're curios about the band...I, for one, do not have any idea who they are because my music IQ is quite low... here's a clip of one of their video performances:

Here's a fanvideo of What I've Done/Private Practice:

Grey's Anatomy
As of last weekend, Lexi Grey is officially a main cast member. Dun-dun-dun!!!!

There could be Twin Heroes for Season 2.

Ugly Betty
No soy Santos....or something like it. The actor has signed up for Shark, James Woods' TV show, and actors usually can't take jobs for two series at a time, perhaps because of a scheduling conflict. Waaah... so sad for Hilda. :( I hope this isn't true.

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  1. Yah! I'm so sad for Hilda rin talaga. I like Santos! Kakakilig sila dibah?

  2. Naiyak ako sa ending. Cute rin relationship ni Santos at Justine. Sayang no? Sana pwede pa siya bumalik

  3. Until June as the Theme Song!! I love that band, what a perfect song for what looks to be a great show.

  4. Hi Richard. They do sound like an awesome band. This would be a good break for them, if ever. :)

  5. hi man!I love that band, what a perfect song for what looks to be a great show.I like Santos! Kakakilig sila dibah? Private Practice is, on paper, the perfect show for me.