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24 July 2007

More House Season 4 Spoilers

This is from the TCA Report c/o Ausiello of TV Guide:

The new season of House starts with this ---
House is alone. And House is trying to solve cases by himself. Cuddy insists that he hire a new time. Over the first bunch of episodes, he's going to call in [40 or so candidates] and see who survives. It will be like Survivor.

Chase is working in Arizona when the season starts. And Cameron's there visiting him. Foreman, meanwhile, is heading up his own diagnostic team at another hospital.

- Expect a "huge makeout scene" for Cuddy. Did not say with whom.
- Typical of House, he will call his new doctors by number and not by their names. Earlier, it was reported that there will be four new doctors...there are actually five.


  1. wow sounds like it's going to be really good!
    can't wait

  2. this season sucks. get rid of the newbies and bring back chase cameron and foreman. the race to who could solve it first and house getting pissed at them every day is what made the show good. so far i have wanted to throw the remote at the tv this season has sucked so bad.