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20 July 2007

How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Spoilers

Disclaimer: I am not an official source; just passing what I read from all over.

This was reported on TV Guide's Ausiello's blog and I am already laughing just reading it:

Marshall will give Barney a rather large clue about when his highly anticipated third slap will be delivered. (Hint: It involves a website called slapcountdown.com. Don't bother checking the site, though, there's nothing there. Yet.)
Slap bet, ha-ha!

Season 3 will also have:
  • Lily and Marshall's apartment-hunting saga.
  • Marshall rethinking his job direction: the job he wants vs. the money he needs.
  • The woman who took away Barney's virginity. The are casting someone "frightening", a woman who is about 45 years old. ROTFL.
  • The return of Barney's gay black brother, brother.
  • Some hints about "Mother"
The show premieres in September 24.


  1. I absolutely forgot about the slapping incident! I'm laughing so hard now.. I can't believe it!!!

    Minds - you made my day! Your post made my day! (I'm sick kasi...)

    I swear - I'm watching the episodes again and again!! Hahahaha...

  2. That time na na-slap si Barney, malakas talaga yun. Parang "WAPOW!!" talaga. LOL!

    Here's more on that spoiler from E!

    Marshall Has a Heavy Hand: When a reporter brought up the infamous "slap bet," Neil admitted Jason was “devilish” with the palm-to-cheek contact. The good news? We get to see the second installment of it this season. Said Carter, “In the first episode, Barney is sitting at his computer, just there at work, or whatever. And he gets a phone call from Marshall, who's like, 'Hey, check your email.' So, Barney opens up his email from Marshall and there's a link to a Website. It's slapcountdown.com. And it's going to literally be a ticking clock...to when the slap will occur.”

  3. The website actually does exist right now...
    I can't wait for the next season.. i think it wil be... LEGENDARY !!!

  4. Thanks ger. It's going to be awesome! :)