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28 January 2007

TV Shows in Development

The current season run isn't done yet, but look at what they have for us in the future! *happy*

CBS is working on...
  • Viva Laughlin - based on the UK show Viva Blackpool! Hugh Jackman (hot!) has a hand in this somewhere.
  • Fugly - from the creators of My Name Is Earl. Alright, I'm already laughing!
ABC is working on...
  • Cashmere Mafia - some stuff about female corporate executives. Hah!
  • Suspects - at the helm is director Guy Ritchie. Crime series ala The Usual Suspects treatment.
  • Mr & Mrs Smith - yep, from the movie. But no Brangelina.
Fox is working on...
  • Philadelphia General - another hospital drama, but this time it's all about the nurses
  • NSA Innocent - brought to us by the people behind 24
  • Supreme Courtship - legal romance-drama, yet again.
  • The Apostles - cop series
NBC is working on...
  • The IT Crowd - based on a UK comedy series about I.T. geeks
  • I'm With Stupid - another comedy series roughly about mental patients
  • The Watch - from the people who gave us There's Something About Mary, it's a drama series about neighbors/neighborhood watch.
  • Journeyman - Man travels back in time to help other people with their problems. Sounds a bit like Early Edition, huh?
Of course, not all of these shows will make it past the drawing board.

Stay tuned... :)

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