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29 January 2007

Not As Preciouuussssss

It's probably bad that I have already formed a bias against Eragon before I even saw it. LOTR is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time and anything similar to it, is sure to get a thumbs down from me.

But I tried to appreciate this movie. I tried to watch it for what it's worth, owing to the fact that this type of genre is what I truly enjoy (I can't wait for Frank Miller's 300!!!).

And in my perception, the development of the story was rushed. Like: there was a total of 2 minutes in which Eragon learned to use the sword; less than a minute - and he learned to speak a foreign language (not master it but still); 5 minutes or so in which he learned to ride his Dragon; some 20-30 minutes later and Saphira became more powerful, ditto Eragon. One minute they're off riding their horses, the next minute there is a battle somewhere. Wha?!?

This clearly showed to me how inexperienced the director was (first time director, apparently) by not knowing how to translate a good narrative from book to film.

And in the end, I could not disregard the glaring rip-offs from LOTR and even a bit of Harry Potter. They said it's a Star Wars rip-off, too but I haven't noticed. Maybe in the succeeding movies, as this film is supposedly another Trilogy.(?)

I could not also help laughing at how bad the costume they made the Dragon wear (Pinag-costume ba naman ang dragon?! LOL!).

One part whookey. Three parts....pretty lame.

At least the boy is a cutie. :)

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