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19 January 2007

Night At The Museum

Kids, stick to Jumanji.

Too disappointed to write about it so I'll just post what I said in a community I frequent. This is fresh from watching the movie:

Mababaw rin ako [I tend to be shallow], so I laughed at a couple of lines. But I was expecting to really like it, with Jumanji as the bar for which I can compare it to. I liked Jumanji way better.

There's something about the movie that dissatisfies me and I cannot process it yet.... Is it because parang kulang [lacking] sa development ang story, that it felt like a stupid movie already? Is it because gasgas na yung gags [gags are old] at maraming [too many] cliche sa story? Is it because parang pilit yung "heartwarming moments"? I dunno where to begin.

I was watching this with my 9-year old and he could not sit still for the first few minutes of the scene, parang hindi niya nagustuhan sa simula [he was not interested with the beginning]. I thought he'd warm up by the time the wax characters come to life. Tatawa tawa rin naman siya [he was also laughing] like me. Pero my son started counting how many more minutes till the movie ends. :o He wanted the movie to end already. :-\

I know it's a fantasy-comedy, meant for the family to enjoy. Pero I personally will not give the movie a thumbs up. I'm not expecting it to be high-brow. I love a lot of silly movies myself (In fact I loved the Tiki in this movie, naaliw ako [I was entertained] when it said, "Dumdum, me want gum gum"...that's how stupid I can get ;D). Pero kung Pinoy movie ito, malamang ito yung isa sa mga pagtatawanan natin [But if this was a typical Pinoy movie, this would be one of those we'd be laughing at] not because the movie is funny, but because the story development is ridiculous, when in fact if you look at it ang ganda ganda [very beautiful] ng premise ng Night at the Museum, may potential siya to be a worthy fantasy film....it just wasn't told better, so parang nasayang siya for me [it was wasted]. :-\

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