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30 January 2007


There is no doubt in my mind, Mel Gibson has a vision for action movies. I liked how Apocalypto is paced. I liked the camera work. I was uncomfortable with the gore and blood, but I get that it is essential to the movie and close to what is real. In a way, he is an excellent director like that.

There is a doubt though, on whether Mel Gibson knows how to tell a story or not. He failed to loop me and capture me with this one. The unfamiliar actors were also uninspiring because they failed to draw me in. Was I supposed to be moved? To sympathize? To understand? To root for Jungle Paw? I felt neither.

Frankly, I found the movie a lot weird. Then again, I know zilch about the Mayan civilization (Me asking my husband ---> "Dad, is this the one about the tribe from that Atlantis cartoons?" LOL!), you can fault my ignorance for finding this movie unsettling.


  1. I really got bored with this one. ang haba haba tpos sha lang pala ung matitira. kala ko naman ililigtas nya buong tribe. feeling ko nadaya ako, mahal pa naman ng sine dito. :D

  2. LOL. Nung natapos yung movie parang hindi ako mapakali. Some movies na different pero maganda yung feeling mo pagkatapos. With this one, I really can't explain. :(