14 July 2008

Flashpoint S1 E1 Scorpio

Flashpoint is a TV production imported from Canada and brought to American television as a result of the Writers' Strike, when CBS, the network that's carrying the series (which premiered last Friday), thought it would be running out of programs to air.

The series stars Enrico Colantoni and Canadian actor, Hugh Dillon. It's set in a unnamed fictional town, which was shot in Toronto, and is written and co-produced by Canadians.

Flashpoint is meant to describe a situation in which tension is at its utmost pressure...when everyone has to be on their toes to act on the situation. This is a story about a group of quasi-SWAT team/hostage negotiators, meaning --- they know how to use arms and are straight arrow shooters; but they also know how to read, profile and bargain with marked suspects.

Based on this, it sounds like Flashpoint is one great series. I can't tell that right now but I do know that it isn't superior.

Although, the first episode is encouraging, I'm not to eager to tune to the next one right away. The plot and story development is nothing extra-ordinary. The style and feel of the series isn't any different from any other cop show airing on TV now except that some camera shots are done differently. There are a lot of lingering head shots cued to a music soundtrack so stimulating, it's like watching a visually stylish film.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it? Because it's the summer season, my TV diet is expectedly light. This is one of those heavy meals I can pig on but I don't think I'd be full and satisfied everytime I take a bite out of it.

Sorry for the food analogy, I've yet to have breakfast. LOL.