08 July 2008

Imports doing well in Hollywood

What's next for stars like Alex O'Laughlin and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau?

I ask because these two would have potentially been big TV stars in America, had their series not been canceled -Moonlight for Alex (Australian) and New Amsterdam for Nikolaj (Danish). And had that been the case, uprooting to Hollywood wouldn't seem like a bad decision.

Of course, Alex has had better luck trying out Hollywood even with Moonlight's cancellation. He was previously on The Shield before starring on Moonlight. He also was on a few Hollywood movies, the latest of which was August Rush (which I truly loved). Right now, he's doing another movie, set for release in September. There doesn't seem to be any TV projects listed for him for now, though I hope he gets on another show soon.

Nikolaj, meanwhile, is immediately jumping back on television with the series, Virtuality, which follows a Matrix-like concept..."about Earth's first starship, which is equipped with advanced virtual reality modules." It is set to run on Fox early next year. And word is...the pilot episode looks promising.

Virtuality is from the same creators of Battlestar Galactica and Roswell. The pilot episode is directed by Peter Berg, who is credited for Friday Night Lights. I now imagine what the scenes are gonna be like and I'm psyched. I hope for Nikolaj sake, this one lasts longer than New Amsterdam.