24 July 2008

Who are TV's biggest earners today?

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There used to be six people on television who earn about a $1M per episode. But since Friends cancellation, that spot for TV's highest paid actor(s) is left wide open.

In 2007 Zach Braff's (Scrubs) name popped up. But compared to the big six (Aniston, Cox-Arquette, Kudrow, Le Blanc, Perry and Schwimmer), Braff was only earning something like $350,000 per episode.

No other official list has come out since Friends, as far as I can remember. Until this report...
A new survey by Forbes Magazine names Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl as TV's best-paid actors. The Two and a Half Men cut-up earned $20 million in 2007, while Heigl pulled in $13 mil for her rotation on Grey's Anatomy. (It would seem the quality of her boss' paychecks was up to snuff, yes.) | TV Guide
The full story is here, though it had nothing about TV stars the TV Guide was talking about. So I'm curious to see who else made it to the list.

Katherine Heigl and Charlie Sheen...hmm, they're both laughing their way to the bank inspite of rumors about them behind the scenes; her and her Emmy withdrawal drama and him with his nasty divorce.