25 July 2008

TV Round-Up: Fringe, Big Brother Sex, NPH, Castings,

What's up with TV? Why is news so slow? I'd usually have an eyestrain by the third day of the week as I try to catch up on my reading (of TV updates, not novels or actual books, hah). But it seems this week, we're experiencing a lull, people. News wires aren't that busy.

There are no big scoops! These are the only ones that I found interesting about TV this week:
  • They totally did it! Watch this video of two Big Brother (USA) house guests having sex. The cameras caught everything. The bunnies did it under a blanket, so only their feet were in view. But they did it with the lights and their mics on. This isn't a first in BB USA's history, a pair did the same in the HOH room in Season 4 and 8 if I remember. But I think this is the first one the cameras showed to the public via live feeds with little interruption. Also equally amusing? The reactions (read the comments).
  • Fringe's pilot episode was shown at the Comic-Con. And the crowd's reaction was lukewarm and polite. I'm surprised.
  • Love this Neil Patrick Harris interview. I feel crazy grateful right now, career-wise. I feel like I'm getting to act in roles because I WANT to do them, rather than because it was the right move. So getting to play Dr. Horrible, be on "Sesame Street," fill in for Regis, play in game shows, Barney friggin' Stinson - I'm just very, very grateful.
  • Speaking of Sesame Street, watch Neil Patrick as the Shoe Fairy. Watch it with your kids.
  • Speaking of Dr. Horrible, 2.25 Million viewers saw it. It's a big internet hit!
  • OMG, I love him. James Purefoy is The Philantropist.
  • Life on Mars' cast list is beefing up. Aside from Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitell is in. They're really serious about making this show better, which is good because the screener was bad.