12 July 2008

Sex and the City Sequel talks and SJP's new TV show

Hey guess what? The second Sex and the City movie looks to be moving along. That's the buzz this week at the annual TCA conference (Television Critics).
According to HBO’s top execs, there’s “enormous interest” by Warner Bros and New Line studios to do another Sex and the City movie, says Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming group and West Coast operations president. “They’re trying with our help to put that together now. When that happens, how long between, can’t say. But there’s absolutely interest. I think everybody associated with that project was really heartened by the enthusiasm from the fans, and by the new fans to the show.” Not to mention the blockbuster box office. |TV Guide

Now what, I wonder, will this movie be all about when they've covered every kind of relationship problems the last gazillion years? Little voice in my head is screaming --- "It's gonna be about merchandising, woman!" I think that little voice is right.

Would you want another SATC movie? Or would you rather see Sarah Jessica in this new project? SJP is producing a new TV show for HBO based on the book, The Washingtonienne.

The story in a nutshell (from Amazon):
Cutler, the lowly Senate staffer who rocked the Capital last year with her salacious online diary, rehashes her ride into infamy in a tart, shallow tell-all that begs off as fiction. Smart but spoiled Jacqueline heads for the Hill after a broken engagement in New York. Soon this party girl is cavorting through the Capitol, where shameless flirting and sex appeal take her a long way. In Jacqueline's opinion, government is "Hollywood for the Ugly," and she coasts on her looks to score a fluffy job in a senator's office and effortlessly entice politicos on the prowl. She mines her dizzying array of casual sexploits, dished in callous, raunchy detail, for a blog to keep her friends in the loop ("I was a bitchy slut and so were all of my friends. Why not put it out there?"). Jacqueline winds up on D.C. gossip site Blogette—prompting her abrupt dismissal, an underdeveloped bit of soul-searching and lots of media attention. The flimsy garb of fiction makes for one coy striptease: just how much of Jessica emerges in Jacqueline? Who are the real-life counterparts to her paramours?
But the report doesn't say if SJP is going to star in it, though she has signed on as the show's producer.