31 July 2008

Because, darn it, the current TV line-up is boring me to death...

..movie biz looks to be picking up on my radar. The latest news I've been reading have peaked my interest for it again. Not since Lord of The Rings have I been like this.


Johnny Depp and Tim Burton may be reuniting for the 7th time in the live-action production of Alice in The Wonderland. And this is the actress who will play Alice. Johnny Depp might be playing the Mad Hatter. Wheee!

They're doing the movie Fashionistas which is based on a book by Lynn Messina.

Speaking of fashionistas...the Sex and City movie sequel? Samantha-centric possibly? SJP is not liking it.

The hubbs and I were watching trailers on Apple.com last night. Sex Drive looks interesting. Not to be confused with the Maui Taylor movie. Haha. James Marsden looks like a MAN and not a boy here. Finally!

Marvin the Martian The Movie. And why it could be a bad idea.

Angelina Jolie is Catwoman in the latest Batman movie? Rwwaaar.

Steve Carell remaking Ghostbusters? Nothing strange about that.