22 July 2008

TV in Development: Current Affairs, Operating Instructions, Stiffs

I am still feeling a bit under the weather but I couldn't help get excited over these shows and post a blog about it even if these are still under development. These projects may be possibly stalled or be abandoned mid-way (hope not!) but the prospect of new programs to look forward to? It makes me giddy. New shows to watch are always a welcome thought!

These are all shows planned for next year, for USA Network:
Covert Affairs (working title): For Annie, love seems to be have been lost in translation. A well-traveled linguist training at the CIA, Annie gets called up to Langley headquarters when her unique specialties are required in solving a critical case. Upon arrival, she's shocked to meet her new partner, Ben, the man who broke her heart when he unceremoniously dumped her many years ago -- when he couldn't disclose his joining the CIA. Being forced to work together reveals that there's clearly still strong chemistry, but for now, Ben's engagement to another woman dampens any smoldering possibility of a rekindled relationship. From Universal Cable Studios, written and co-executive produced by Matt Corman (Deck the Halls) and Chris Ord (Deck the Halls). Dave Bartis (Knight Rider) and Doug Liman (Knight Rider, the Bourne trilogy) are Executive Producers through their company, Dutch Oven.

Operating Instructions (working title): A top female trauma surgeon returns home from the horrors of Iraq to take a job at an inner-city hospital. As she immediately sets about saving lives, she quickly realizes that her battlefield exercises hardly prepared her for the ludicrous bureaucratic minefields of today's public health system and the romantic war games she's about to engage. From Conaco and Universal Cable Studios, written and executive produced by Judd Pillot and John Peaslee (According To Jim, 8 Simple Rules, Just Shoot Me). Executive produced by Conan O'Brien (Andy Barker, P.I.). and David Kissinger (Andy Barker, P.I.).

Stiffs (working title): Jack is a charming, fast-talking salesman whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly becomes a single father. Making mature, responsible choices doesn't come easy for Jack, but he decides to work nights so he can spend quality time with daughter Chloe during the day. The term nightshift takes on new meaning when Jack finds himself at the morgue transporting bodies, a job arranged by his brother Charlie -- a shy but brilliant medical examiner who continually buries his instinct that some "accidents" are in fact, murders. Soon, Jack's impetuousness forces Charlie to pursue those instincts, leading them to investigate these homicides and ensure that their victims find justice. Written and co-executive produced by Craig O'Neill (Burn Notice) and Jason Tracey (Burn Notice). Executive produced by Peter Guber (Into the Blue, Batman) and Elizabeth Stephen (Brotherhood). | IGN