30 July 2008

Extremely Unlucky

You know what, something is bound to go wrong with those homemake over shows on television. I mean, it's nice to see the transformation. It's nice to see that kind of "happy ending", usually with everyone crying because of happiness and pride, you know?

The lucky homeowners cry because they now have this lovely brand new house most people only dream about.

The hosts and crew all cry because they feel that they've done something good, made a family very happy. That's always a nice feeling.

And I have to say --- I cry when I watch those scenes, too.

But after the cameras and crew have all gone and the reality sets in... I do wonder if the lucky family has had the chance to sit down and assess how much the brand new house will cost 'em. Because it really is a complete change in lifestyle. Some of these families never had pool and jacuzzi in their house before. And now it's all there.

A few months back, I read an article about a family who's had to give it all up. Extreme Home Makeover came to their house and left with a really snazzy place they thought they can live with. But as it turns out? They had to sell the house after a few months. It was just too expensive.

Apparently, that case isn't isolated since it isn't the first time it happened. A few other families had to give their beautiful house up because upkeep is hard.

And it is still happening: 'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure

With the cost of living these days I do think it's practical to just let dream houses remain a DREAM for now; to be content with living in small spaces that's right within your means.