09 July 2008

Friday Night Lights is Downsizing

Friday Night Lights is apparently cutting appearances by Smash Williams (played by Gaius Charles) and Jason Street (played by Scott Porter). These actors' contracts have been reduced to recurring roles for the third season. The decision was both creative and budgetary. And I know not many people will be too happy about seeing Smash's storylines less and less.
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In the case of Smash, executive producer Jason Katims conceded that finding a way to justify hanging onto his college-bound running back would be difficult. “The Smash story definitely creates a challenge for us,” he told me back in May. “He will presumably have graduated [when we return in the fall]. It's definitely going to require some finessing and the right balance between taking the right amount of poetic license, but not doing anything that would question the authenticity and believability that is so important to our show.”

Similarly, maintaining the viability of Jason – the Panthers' ex-starting quarterback who was left paralyzed by a Season 1 injury – has also presented challenges. One possible exit strategy has Jason leaving Dillon to start a new life with his pregnant girlfriend.

One thing you can be sure of: Katims remains committed to bringing both characters' storylines to a satisfying conclusion.

As long as their stories are wrapped up well, I suppose it's all good?