11 July 2008

Burn Notice S2 E1 Breaking and Entering

In last season's finale, Michael's friends and family presumed him dead after attempting to track down the people who've issued him the burn notice (which is when an intelligence agency denounces one as a spy). We saw Michael driving his car onto a ramp of an 18-wheeler, presumably to meet the people who burned him (Carla), not knowing if he's going to come out of that truck alive.

In tonight's season opener, Michael is still inside the truck some 40 gun cleanings later when his phone rings. Carla orders him to step outside to meet someone he needs to help. She also relays to him the terms of his "new employment" --- Michael is supposed to work for Carla's group now and she doesn't leave him any choice because they will kill him if he refuses.

The job tonight is simple enough: Michael has to steal some computer data Carla needs.

Of course, going back to work meant going back to his family and his associates. Somewhere in this episode, some issues are wrapped up between Michael and the people close to him.

His mother, now back at her own house after hiding off to safety last season, is still worried about what may still happen to her son (or the fact that in her absence, the food on the fridge had spoiled). He explains that this is the reason why he hasn't been calling and visiting her several years before --- his job endangers not only him but those he loves. This also was the realization Fiona (Michael's associate and a girlfriend of sorts) had to accept.

Michael and his team pulls off tonight's heist in vintage Burn Notice style. He even got to talk with an Aussie accent, which was amusing and cute. But let's not do that again, huh? I saw Jeffrey Donovan (Michael) gritting through his jaw just to break a clean accent.

And finally, I think Michael actually meeting Carla or knowing more about who she really is working for, I suspect, will be dragged on for a few more episodes. I don't mind having Tricia Helfer around for more, though. I love that she's going to make it harder for Michael. The guy's getting so good at what he does, he needs more tension. Hah.

Oh, and someone from NBC is pissed off at these promos all over the NBC elevators, he vandalized it. Haha. Michael Westen wil git ya!