15 July 2008

Big Brother's Boob Grabbing Grandpa

I think Grandpa Jerry is the oldest person to ever enter the Big Brother house (US) at 75.

This game is so cutthroat and unforgiving, will he even last three weeks? Grandpa, who claims to be a big fan of the show, is a US Marine. He's experienced far worse, compared to the battle that is about to happen inside. But that house does all kinds of things to the human psyche. It's stressful, it's too much emotional torture...is he even going to enjoy it there?

Talk about enjoyment, on his first few hours, grandpa got to feel someone's boobies. LOL.

It's not an "Ewww!" moment, I thought it was pretty silly but cute (just look at his face --- it was like a kid getting candy!).

Well, the girl kinda asked for it. C'mon she had everyone touching her, telling them all it's real!

And Grandpa just had to see for himself:

They also nominated him as Head of Household even before they were all introduced to each other.

And I think Grandpa will do alright for weeks. His nomination speech showed wisdom and, surprisingly, someone who is in the house to really play. Uh-oh.