04 July 2008

The Secret Life of The American Teenager

First of all, other than some girl getting pregnant in her teens, this show is nothing quite like Juno...which is what it was first described as when news came about Molly Ringwald was joining the cast.

Second of all, Molly Ringwald was on the screen for a total of ten minutes, it seemed. I was very excited to see her in something new; disappointed I saw her for a lot less.

The Secret Life of The American teenager carries a very typical storyline, told...not in an extra-ordinary way. If anything, it reminded me of every other cheesy teen drama that ever aired. The treatment does appear to be 7th Heaven inspired, considering that this show is from the creator of it.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it?

It's not a show that's badly put together but I'm gonna ditch. Although I'm curios to know how the Molly and her husband will take the news their nice daughter, whose not even allowed to have sex for a very long time, is actually pregnant. But I guess I'll just have to read about that part or Youtube it because I'm too old to be watching this.