08 July 2008

Rewatch your Heroes episodes now...

When Heroes returns in September, I doubt we'll be able to follow the story so quickly.

Some spoilers from E!, which I stopped reading after the first two sentences, couldn't digest the info properly. My brain went, "Say, what now?!" and blacked out.
I thought Linderman was dead on Heroes, but then I heard Malcolm McDowell say he's returning. WTF?

Let's just say our beloved Nathan Petrelli has a brush with death (you saw that last season) and when he comes back...Wait, what was I saying again? For some reason I just started thinking about that movie with Bruce Willis where the kid sees dead people. What was that called again? That was an awesome movie. Hmmm, I wonder why my mind just went there. Old age is a bitch.

Anyway, in other news, Ali Larter is coming back as a totally different person (i.e. doppelgänger), meaning someone who is not Niki or Jessica or Gina (my head is hurting), and with a whole new power.

And Claire's bio-madre Jessalyn Gilsig is also returning.

Here's a collection of trailers for Heroes: Chapter 3 Villains ---
In this trailer we see- * HRG explains to Claire about him capturing Villains before she was born and that a "Dozen" have escaped. That they will hunt, terrorize and kill, that they will cause unimaginable destruction to the world. As he explains this to Claire you see quick flashes of the following:
* Cell Block 5 (Most likely under Primatech)
* See new villain Knox in restraints in cell
* Peter holding Nathan shortly after he was shot
* Mohinder washing his face and confused * Claire gets spooked by a rumble
* Quick flash of a woman's eye opening
* Matt looks lost in the middle of the desert

In this trailer we will see -

* Level 5 painted on a wall.
* Sylar is strapped on something with a tube up his nose.
* Someone pounding on the glass window of a Primatech holding cell.
* Knox is seen in a strait jacket.
* A new villain shooting blue flames.
* Peter asks,"Where did they go?"
# Sylar saying hello to Claire
* Angela says, "Escaped!"

And the 2 and a half minute teaser: