15 July 2008

Generation Kill

Adapted from a book written by Rolling Stone correspondent Evan Wright (who is also a character in this mini-series), Generation Kill is about the invasion of Iraq by the US Marines, and the camaraderie these soldiers forged among the ranks and amidst the threats of war in 2003.

Produced by HBO, it feels as if this is an attempt to reproduce the success that Spielberg and Hanks did for Band of Brothers.

And in many ways it is, that's why I'm lovin' it.

Watchin' it or ditchin' it? A solid script, an absorbing story, a host of really good but unfamiliar actors (save for one or two), first-rate cinematography --- and HBO has another winner. I am watching it all the way.

Generation Kill premiered on HBO (US) July 13th and will run for seven episodes. It will be a couple of months before it airs on HBO Asia.