23 July 2008

Gossip Girl is not for me.

Well, I've known it for quite sometime. Gossip Girl is not for me.

Despite the fact that I sometimes sound like someone with a mindset of a 12 year old on this blog, I am actually a grown up...who can't get into the show's appeal and who really, really hates these posters from Gossip Girl.

Last year, the Parents Television Council (PTC) gave this series a big thumbs down after the show ran their "scandalous" OMFG ad campaign. But the ad did manage to get a lot of press. So, something about its marketing strategy was working.

For its second season, these new posters take another jab at the PTC. Just look at who's endorsing the show:

From an advertiser's stand point, this new campaign is actually brilliant. Gossip Girl is a show aiming for the younger set. It's supposed to be hip and cool, a show kids' parents wouldn't watch or will most likely not approve of.

And well, it's working.

As a thirty something parent, I hate this poster. And I hate this show. I hate the message it sends to kids. I've seen the show a couple of times, so I do know what I'm talking about. Never mind if NYMag says it's a show that is changing television and is probably the most important series airing today, since The Sopranos. (I don't really agree with that...)

I'm no way near my golden age, but you do get to a certain point when you're older where you realize how many things in this world do not make a lot of sense.

This is one of 'em.