28 September 2007

The ratings so far...

So, how did the season premieres go? We'll tackle Mondays through Wednesdays first and reserve crucial Thursday Night and the rest of the week for another post.

Monday night:
  • Heroes season premiere went up by 10%, compared to last year's first season premiere. It's no surprise, the show is followed by a solid fan base.
  • New comer Chuck did pretty okay.
  • Journeyman has struggled, even more so than when Studio 60 first premiered.
  • How I Met Your Mother fell short. As did Prison Break.
Tuesday night:
  • House drew very big numbers, as expected. This show has been consistently on Top 20 last season.
  • New comer Reaper struggled on CW.
Wednesday night:
  • Private Practice, which takes Lost's original time slot, was down 32% compared to Lost. But it still had solid, decent ratings.
  • Equally decent were the ratings of Bionic Woman and Life. Guess most people had been watching TV Wednesday night.
  • But Bionic beats Practice by a slight margin.

Source: The Futon Critic