12 September 2007

Grab I-Mag Photography's September Issue!

This month's issue of I-Mag Photography magazine has the hubby's work on the cover.

< --- This photo has been on quite a few features here and abroad, I should note. It's becoming a favorite among his works, I guess. Hubby found her by the beach in Pangasinan if I'm not mistaken. She was mindlessly playing with the fishnets when hubby asked if it was okay to take her photo. Beautiful Pinay kid.

Back to the magazine... there's also an in depth interview, workflow sharing and a travelogue by him in the inside pages. I know very little about photography, so my interest does not really lie there. I just like looking at the images. But those who are wanting to learn photog will find the magazine very comprehensive.

It is sold at National Bookstore for P175.00.